Monday, December 1, 2008

Cotton Category

Cotton,there are so many types and grades of cotton available here. We have 3 grades of cotton, 1st grade cotton are such as English Cotton, Swiss Voile Cotton & Casa Cotton. For this grade of cotton, you can see the quality are much more better from the other 2 grades of cotton.The colours and designed are more soft i.e: pastel,soft.Its a bit thicker but yet soft. And for the 2nd of cotton is the Lawn Cotton or also known as Pakistan Cotton & Chicken Cotton, for this type of cotton, they are not that thick and its super soft and suitable for every-day wear and whether like Malaysia.the colours and designed are slightly the same as the 1st grade cotton.For the 3rd Grade of cotton that we have is the Indonesian Cotton, this type of cotton is more thicker than the English cotton but still suitable to be wear for Malaysian women ,plus the print are so traditional and the colours are much more stronger.

We have both ready-made and non ready-made cloths. All the prices are based on grades and the quality of the cottons.

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